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Part 1: Origins (March 1968 - September, 1969)

In March of 1968, John Heyworth packed up his guitar and left the Lancashire club scene where, for some time, he had been playing in a band called The Dominators. He travelled to London and shortly thereafter met Angus Cullen - who had been singing with R & B bands on US bases in Germany. Angus had shown up to audition as lead singer for the band that John had joined. They got on immediately and when that band quickly disbanded, John moved into the Cullen family flat in Earls Court where he and Angus started to write songs together. They formed their own group by the end of 1968 when they found keyboardist Lol Coker, bass-player Kevin McCarthy and drummer Iain Clark, and called the band Charge, soon to be renamed ...

Before joining Cressida, Kevin played in Surrey-based bands and toured Scotland with The Peasants, who performed at the Cavern club in Liverpool on his 18th birthday. Later, Kevin joined The Original London Beat--the first Western group to play behind the Iron Curtain; in 1965 they toured for six months in Poland and were treated like the Beatles.

Iain kicked off his career as a drummer while at teaching college in Cheltenham, eventually joining the Ramrods, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones' former group, and then Mustard, who recorded at Radio Luxembourg and at the Beatles' new Baker Street Shop, Apple. He nearly became a member of a band being formed by Mike Vernon and Mick Fleetwood around Danny Kirwan of Boilerhouse in August, 1968:

After Hamburg, Cressida drove to Switzerland for an equally demanding gig at a club in Zurich. Like many bands before, they fell prey to the owner's scheme of deducting money from the band's pay to cover their accomodation (which he provided above the club) and their bar tab. They had to play an additional week to cover the bills and earn enough money for petrol to get back to the UK! When the group finally got home weary and broke they returned to the studio to record more demos. Shortly afterward, Lol announced he was leaving for Liverpool to get married and take over the family business.

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